Carling Contura V Series Switches and Actuators

Posted by Katie Rose on Jan 29th 2015

Spemco offers a wide variety of Carling switches and actuators to fit your every need. We list them individually to ensure that our customers have the option to customize and purchase exactly what they want and need. While other sites showcase standard parts that are already assembled, Spemco likes to offer variety to their customers as we know that every application is unique and our customers need options.

For example a V1D1B60B-00000-000 can be combined with numerous actuators that we offer so that the customer has the choice as to what kind of lens they prefer such as bar or square lens. And have the ability to choose from lens colors and actuator colors as well. For every Carling switch base listed, all of the actuators that correspond to that specific switch are shown in our related products tab. That way our customers have all the information they need at the click of a button and are confident in their choices as the listed actuators are all tailored to function to that specific switch.

In addition to the standard products that are shown we have the capability to create custom legends, logos, written words, etc on actuators to meet the customer's needs. Whether they are standard legends available from the Carling catalog or a custom design for your boat, car, panel or any other application, we can fulfill the need. Our Value added department can either create a legend for you or use one you have, whatever you prefer.

Spemco goes above and beyond just selling standard items, we pride ourselves on giving our customers choices for their applications, technical assistance, custom applications, excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff. Let us help you create exactly what you need!