Freight Forwarders and Shipping with Spemco

Posted by Katie Rose on Jan 25th 2019

It seems every day a new scam or scheme to defraud is born and lately we have seen a tremendous increase in customers who initiate a quote for valid items and then request we prepay the freight with an unknown and unauthorized carrier. Spemco will NOT prepay a third party freight forwarder under any circumstances! 

We offer many well known and reliable freight carriers such as UPS, Fed Ex, DHL & USPS. If your order exceeds the 150 pound limit for standard shipments a pallet with a freight forwarder may be requested. If your company has a billable account and assumes all liability for the parts once shipment has been picked up from our location we will happily ship using your preferred service with another carrier other than those listed above. We will NOT prepay any freight for a customer unless it is with one of the above mentioned carriers that we have an account with. This is for the customer's protection as well as ours. 

In the age of counterfeit parts and scams regarding freight Spemco provides well known verifiable parts with Trace-ability as an authorized distributor. We sell genuine well known brands and use proven carriers to ship them to provide the best possible experience to our customers. 

Thank you for your business and if you need assistance with shipping or any other area please feel free to contact us via phone at 800-482-2828 or email at