Carling Technologies Electronic Controls

Posted by Katie Rose on Aug 30th 2016

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                                                 Electronic Controls


Carling Technologies offers a variety of Control products for the Transportation Industry including Dimmer Control, Mirror Rotate Control, Wiper Washer Control, and USB Dual Port Charger.


                         V-Charger                                                                LD-Series 


Designed to charge tablets, e-readers, mobile        Light Dimmer to control minimum/maximum illumination levels,

and gaming devices, digital cameras, as well          the number of steps from total dim to full bright.

as other compatible electronic devices.

  • Ratings: 12V/24VDC                                          *Ratings: Up to 10A 12VDC, 5A 24VDC
  • One Pole                                                            *Multi-Function Poles
  • Sealed Spring-Loaded Access Doors                 *Rocker, Paddle Actuation


LMR Series                                                                            LW-Series


Control one or two mirrors and up to four separate      Wiper Washer Control allows effortless control of wash motors from one easy to operate joy stick          and wipe functions from a single location.


Ratings: Up to 1A 14VDC, .5A 28VDC                         Ratings: Up to 8A 14VDC, 4A 28VDC

Multi-Function Poles                                                     Multi-Function Poles

Rocker, Paddle Actuation                                             Rocker, Paddle Actuation