Carling V Series Rockers Switches & all the combinations

Posted by Katie Rose on Jul 22nd 2015

Carling Technologies has so many variations in the V series rocker switches it can be daunting to the layperson. But actually once you understand the basics and know what you want, you can create exactly what you are looking for with minimal effort. And of course if you cannot figure it out you can always call one of our helpful staff. 

Most people search a website with a complete part number in mind. For example a V1D1S00B-AZC00-000 and if it shows no stock they assume it is not available. However large distributors such as Spemco keep the bases and actuators (or caps) separate to be able to accommodate all the varieties that we can offer. 

So you could also search for V1D1S00B for just the base and VVAZC for the actuator. All the actuators start with a VV if they are sold separately. Or if you are unsure you can always call or email us.The bases listed on our website (as with the actuators) show all the matching counterparts in the related products listed below that part. This helps you to decide with assurance that it will work with the part you have chosen. 

While the catalog is user friendly it can be confusing. Single pole or double pole simply means the amount of terminals on the bottom. Single throw, double throw, triple throw, etc simply means how many "on" positions the switch has. So an On-off switch is a single throw and so on. Momentary means that it "springs" back to the other position. So if you have a momentary on -off switch it will only stay on while you are holding it and when you let it go it will return to the off position. Maintained means that it will stay in that position until you push it to another position. So if it is a maintained on-off switch it will stay on until you push it to the off position. 

Not sure what kind of lamp you need in a switch? It is actually quite simple once you know the meanings of the options. Dependent simply means that the lamp stays on only when the switch is in the "on" position. Independent means that the lamp stays lit without the switch being in use. Some people use independent lamps for their boats or cars so they can see which ones they need to push prior to turning something on. 

You can tell if it is a dependent or independent by how many terminals are on the bottom. Dependent only has one extra while independent always has two extra. 

Bottom line is..... just because you may not see the entire switch with cap in stock does not mean we do not have it. You can try to search for it separately or call us. We are always happy to help.

Our website is a work in progress and we do not have all of our products listed yet although we are working on it. If you need something and do not see it, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you find exactly what you need at the price you want!