Eaton Explains What You "Didn't Know" About Electrical Product Counterfeits, How to Protect Yourself in 2015

Posted by Katie Rose on Feb 5th 2015

Date: January 28, 2015

PITTSBURGH, PA — Power management company Eaton today announced its goal to raise awareness of how industry professionals can protect themselves from counterfeit electrical products in 2015 as part of its “I Didn't Know” educational campaign. The campaign targets professionals in the electrical industry and is part of Eaton’s ongoing commitment to combating counterfeit electrical products worldwide.

While the industry-wide issue of counterfeiting persists, initiatives by manufacturers, governments and organizations are continuously making advances in how to thwart the issue.

“Through joint initiatives with Independent Electrical Contractors and Electrical Safety Foundation International in 2014, we learned Eaton’s anti-counterfeiting educational efforts have helped professionals understand the dangers of counterfeit electrical products; however, more work is needed to share best practices and encourage collaboration to combat counterfeiting,” said Tom Grace, brand protection manager, Eaton’s Electrical Sector Americas. “This year, Eaton continues to expand on its “I Didn't Know” educational campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of counterfeit electrical products and the constantly evolving fight against them.”

By staying educated on the latest anti-counterfeiting practices, electrical industry professionals can build confidence in their ability to properly avoid and report counterfeits, thus helping to keep themselves, employees and work environments protected in 2015.

  1. Know counterfeits are difficult to identify. Counterfeit product manufacturers rely on deception, the Internet, and prices below market level to find their way into our homes, businesses, and commercial and industrial facilities. The more sophisticated counterfeiters become, the more difficult counterfeit products are to identify. The best way to avoid counterfeit electrical products is to purchase products from the manufacturer’s authorized distributors or re-sellers. There is a higher risk of counterfeits if one cannot trace the path of commerce to the original manufacturer.
  2. Know how to report a counterfeit. If you identify a counterfeit in the field, report it to the brand owner. This will allow authentication of the suspect product and ensure that it is removed from the marketplace. Contact Eaton at If you cannot find brand contact information, contact the IPR Center who will disseminate the information for appropriate response. Contact the IPR Center at or 1-866-IPR-2060.
  3. Know your resources. Take advantage of the resources available surrounding counterfeiting. Many companies are leading efforts to protect public health and safety by providing tools, tips and information to help professionals avoid coming into contact with hazardous electrical devices. For instance, Eaton’s Circuit Breaker Authentication (CBA) tool allows professionals to verify authentication of Eaton molded circuit breakers (MCCBs), up to 400 amperes.
  4. Know counterfeiting is an industry-wide issue. From the manufacturer that designs the product, to the government body inspecting imports, to the distributor that sells products and the contractors that install them, everyone across the industry is subject to the dangers of counterfeiting. It is crucial to work together to prevent these unsafe counterfeit products from causing harm to people and property.
  5. Know that you can help. If every individual along a product’s supply chain played an active role in stopping counterfeit products from being bought and sold, the demand for counterfeit electrical products would decrease. Reducing the spread of counterfeit electrical products can help to ensure maximum electrical safety protection.

Eaton is committed to stopping counterfeiting of electrical products worldwide. Its electrical business is committed to anti-counterfeiting technologies and programs. For additional information about the dangers counterfeit electrical products, please visit Eaton’s site at

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