Otto Showcases Their Military Switches, Hall Effects and Grips!

Posted by Katie Rose on May 3rd 2018

Otto is a well known and respected brand located in the United States and is showcasing a few of their product lines. Their Military Switch Guide shows a quick reference to the products they offer as qualified military switches, from which they offer over 3500. Military Part number cross referenced to the Otto number makes finding what you need a breeze and is very effective when on the road or in your office. They offer a complete listing of their Military Cross Refrence guide at 

Click here to access their Military Quick Guide Reference Sheet: Military Switch Guide


Their Hall Effect Guide is also very informative and useful, showcasing their Thumb wheels, Push buttons, Foot Pedals, Joysticks and control modules. 


The Otto Grip Guide is an invaluable resource to find the exact grip you are looking for to use in an application. From Heavy Equipment Commercial Grips to Aerospace and Military Grips to Universal Grips, Otto offers it all. 


These products are able to purchased through Spemco who is an authorized distributor of these and many more Otto products. Click  here to look at our online Otto offerings, if you cvannot find what you are looking for or need assistance please contact one of our sales staff at 800-482-2828 or via email at