CLTM12-S-SERIES: Solid-State Load Controller

Posted by Shelby Winn on Jan 15th 2020

The CLTM12-S from Carling Technologies is a solid-state load controller with 12 high-side outputs, 4 digital inputs, 3 discrete inputs, 2 address lines, and a CAN baud rate select line. It provides fast, low-loss, solid-state on/off switching along with short circuit protection for each output, as well as load status and power diagnostics. Relative to electromechanical relays, the CLTM12-S increases thermal efficiency by providing lower power dissipation and higher power-to-weight densities.

The CLTM12-S provides improved safety and reliability while reducing equipment downtime, operator workload, overall vehicle weight, and wiring complexity.

Product Highlights:

  • SAE J1939 CAN
  • IP69k Sealing Protection when Connected
  • Meets 100 V/m Electric Field Immunity Standards
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • CAN-Based Bootloader
  • Real-Time Fault Monitoring for all (12) Outputs, Including J1939 DM1 Messaging

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