​EAO Introduces Rugged CAN Keypad and Rotary Cursor Controller

Sep 11th 2020

EAO Introduces Rugged CAN Keypad and Rotary Cursor Controller

New Series 09 products designed for applications in harsh environments

SHELTON, Conn., Sept. 2020EAO, the expert partner for innovative, intuitive and reliable Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), announces the introduction of its new Series 09 Rugged CAN Keypad and Rotary Cursor Controller as a part of its Series 09 product line. Designed for E1 applications, the products offer functional safety compliance and CANbus integration for use in harsh environments.

The Rugged CAN Keypads are available in multicolor RGB 4-segment halo-ring illumination, allowing for easy end-user recognition of equipment status – in both high and low ambient light settings. Colors can be set for specific functions, animated with chasing/running or flashing sequences, and are easily programmable to add increased levels of awareness. LED intensity can be dimmed and is adjustable.

The Rugged CAN Rotary Cursor Controller features full rotary function with 22 maintained positions, continuous rotation with no stop position, and a push function. It also features LED symbol illumination on the pushbuttons and LED halo illumination on both pushbuttons and the rotary cursor, providing the end user with easily visible recognition and reliability during use.

“High reliability and functional safety are critical to controlling safety-related applications in vehicles and machines, particularly construction equipment and vehicles, agricultural equipment, and specialty and commercial vehicles,” said Jim Valentino, president, EAO Corporation. “The new Series 09 Rugged CAN Keypads and Remote Cursor Controllers offer reliability and unparallel safety for demanding applications.”

Typical applications include:

  • Roadmaking vehicles and roller compactors
  • Loaders, dozers and excavators
  • Cranes, dump trucks and crawler drills
  • Firefighting and rescue vehicles
  • Road sweepers, cleaning vehicles and garbage trucks
  • Snow removers and groomers
  • Agricultural vehicles and equipment

Offering high reliability, these modules are designed in accordance with ISO 26262 ASIL B and EN ISO 13849 PLD, as well as intelligent control allowing for CANbus integration. The robust, modular design incorporates sealing levels of up to IP67 and the ability to customize and interchange the keypad legends make these high-quality devices ideal for harsh environments.

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