G3-M Medium Sized Grip from Otto

Posted by Katie Rose on Feb 6th 2023

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Medium Sized Ergonomic Grip

Direct from Otto's Website:

The G3-M is a comfortable, ergonomic grip handle that can be either mounted on a panel or on an OTTO JH, JHL and JHM series Hall effect joystick base for an integrated operator control solution.

Standard faceplates incorporate a choice of pushbuttons, rockers and Hall effect products. Or ask OTTO to custom configure a faceplate. A trigger can be optionally added to the grip handle.

Medium Sized, Big on Features

The G3-M, OTTO's new addition to the G3 grip series, is slightly smaller than the G3-C with all essential operator controls.


  • High performance ergonomic grip in a smaller package
  • Left- or right-handed use
  • Numerous standard faceplate designs
  • Custom faceplate designs available
  • Comes with or without a trigger
  • Various mounting and termination styles
  • Modular design provides high level of customization and reduces the need for tooling charges
  • Compatible with OTTO JH, JHL and JHM series Hall effect joysticks
  • Accommodates a wide variety of OTTO pushbutton, rockers, toggles, and Hall effect switches