Marine Grade Dual Port USB Charger Video

Posted by Katie Rose on Jun 26th 2018

Spemco offers another quality product at a great price! We now stock not only the power port (cigarette lighter socket) AS212-A  but we also stock the dual port USB Charger AS232-A for purchase online or from our knowledgeable sales staff! These parts are a cost effective alternative to other marine grade power ports. Check out this video on the Marine Grade Dual USB and seer for yourself! 

We stock these items in our warehouse in Michigan and this quality product is used in many applications such as marine, automotive, industrial, anything that a USB charger may be needed in! Charge IPhones, IPads, smartphones, and anything else that uses a USB charger. 5 Volts, 2.1 Amps so fast charging in a safe flame retadent enclosure and water resistant when cap is in place!

Marine Grade Dual Port USB Charger