Simple OTTO IP Ratings

Posted by Reed Prentice on Jul 1st 2020

IP Ratings Made Simple
Ingress Protection Explained

Downloadable IP Ratings Chart

We often present IP ratings for our switches but this is probably a good time to refresh everyone’s understanding of this important seal specification.

IP ratings tell us the ingress protection level or resistance to entry of solids or liquids into an OTTO product. The nomenclature is straightforward. "IP" is followed by two or three digits which identify the protection level for that specific component, e.g. IP68S.

The first digit (6 in our example) represents the level of protection against solid objects. The range is 0 to 6, with 0 indicating that the unit has no protection and 6 indicating that the unit is completely dust tight and will not allow entry (ingress) of any solid objects.

The second digit (8) indicates the protection level against liquids, ranging from 0 to 9. Again, 0 indicates that the component has no protection while 8 indicates that the unit can be immersed in water at a specific depth and for a specific length of time. A 9K following the first digit indicates that the product has been tested to withstand high pressure, high temperature water spray for several minutes.

The last digit, or optional digit, is S meaning the product is stationary or in the case of a switch, it is not operated while under water. Occasionally an X will be noted in the IP rating. This indicates that the product was not formally tested for ingress in that specific category.

For an IP68S rated switch, it’s sealed dust tight and watertight. Since we make products for demanding applications, most of our products carry this seal rating, which is a significant advantage over many of our competitors’ products.

Please download the IP Ratings Chart at the link in the header of this message. It clearly explains each element in the Ingress Protection scheme.

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